Welcome to Career and Spirituality Summit

with Gavin Andrews

Gavin Andrews

Managing Director of HeartMath in the UK & Ireland

HeartMath is a system of breathwork, self-regulation techniques and biofeedback technology. It is also a simple and powerful way to connect with the heart of who you really are, and to live your live with more heart, health and happiness.

Gavin discovered HeartMath, coherence practice and heart-based living 15 years ago. Since then, he has found joy, meaning and purpose in sharing the science and practice of coherence with others.

In addition to sharing the benefits of coherence practice through HeartMath, Gavin also founded WeAddHeart, a growing international heart-focused meditation movement.

Gavin is passionate about finding practical ways to help people discover calm, clarity and mental and physical balance in our increasingly chaotic and stressed-out world. Recently he co-launched Syntropy, a start-up app which presents beautiful video artworks for breathwork, relaxation and meditation.

Prior to his involvement in HeartMath, Gavin had careers in the newspaper industry, as a business school lecturer and as a leadership coach and trainer.

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